This festival would not have happened this year without the support and belief in us from our 3 main sponsors: SurfStitch, Patagonia and Stone & Wood. 

It is because of these 3 that we were able to bring back this much loved festival in 2017 and provide our community with what we feel, is the best event yet.  We are so excited to talk about the initiatives that these guys are doing – both in AND outside our festival!


Patagonia has consistently done the outrageous and unusual to become a global leader in environmentally conscious and socially progressive business. Their gear is designed for exploring, embracing and challenging the frontiers.

Their mission: “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” 

Their ethical drive is one of the many reasons why we are so proud to be partnered with Patagonia, and we believe this relationship is one that the community is going to benefit from. These guys take initiative in their workplace to make changes in the real world by donating their time, energy and 1% of sales annually to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. Since 1985, the ‘Double Down’ campaign has totalled $78 million in cash and kind to small, grassroots environmental groups all over the world. How amazing is that?!

We could talk for hours about the other incredible feats Patagonia makes to ensures their company is as environmentally, socially & culturally ethical. Their ‘Worn Wear’ campaign raises awareness about the life cycle of clothing items, how they push for humane working conditions through the supply chain, or how they give their employees the chance to do activism work all around the world. All in all, they are fearless game-changers and we love them for it.

Images; c'wise from top left, Bali Strickland, Todd Glaser, Jarah Lynch. 

Images; c’wise from top left, Bali Strickland, Todd Glaser, Jarah Lynch. 

All of these topics and more will be discussed at the PATAGONIA PRESENTS panels, being held on Saturday February 25, 2017, where surfers, activists and industry leaders get to discuss, educate and inform:

THE REIMAGINING THE SURF INDUSTRY panel will discuss what the future holds for the community. To many, the simple act of going surfing and the multi-billion dollar surf industry that has sprung up around it are fundamentally at odds. With the surf industry in a time of change, a panel of surfers and entrepreneurs will discuss how the industry can better reflect what surfing is all about.


THE GRASSROOTS ACTIVISTS panel will feature a panel of activists sharing how they effectively campaign with local environmental and community groups and how these actions play an ever more important role in securing people’s freedoms and in the protection of wild places. This is an afternoon spent with some of Australia’s most leading global and grassroots activists, including Dave Rastovich, who will discuss what being an activist today means, and the skills and tools needed to run successful campaigns both big and small. All attendees will receive the “Tools for Grassroots Activists” book in which Patagonia has distilled the best wisdom and advice for any organisation or individual looking to run a campaign.


You can find Patagonia at:


SurfStitch began in 2008 out of a garage in the Northern Beaches of Sydney and has since flourished into a leading online culture network that now has connections all over the globe. However big their success, their values have stayed grounded in supporting emerging artists and designers through giving them a platform and backing their environmental causes.

SurfStitch’s founders remember the hard work involved in building their business in the early days and it’s from these humble beginnings that their passion of supporting emerging surf artists, videographers, writers, photographers and designers began. 

Images sourced from @surfstitch on Instagram

Images sourced from @surfstitch on Instagram

We are proud to have SurfStitch as the presenting partner of the Surf Art Markets- the flagship event for BBSF’s environmental initiatives. This event showcases a range of programs promoting the things we believe passionately about such as- sustainable waste management (e.g. a complete ban of single use plastics and maximum diversion from landfill); the use of local, seasonal and organic produce; the management and mitigation of marine debris; low impact transport; the use of sustainable materials in all facets of the surfing industry and; the provision of free filtered water to all our patrons. 

Have you guys checked out The Lens? This portfolio on SurfStitch showcases some of the amazing brands, products and creatives SurfStitch have partnered with to help promote similar visions and brands. Many of the brands featured there are holding stalls at the Surf Art Market, so if you’re into supporting the coolest upcoming and established creatives you’d better come down to the Byron foreshore on Feb 25 and check it out! Yoga starts at 7:30am, and from 9am there will be markets, tipi pop-ups, shapers, artisans, films, presentations, live music and the Surf Literature Lounge. So come down early, stretch out, and get yourself ready for a jam packed day of all things surf culture.

You can find SurfStitch at:


Stone and Wood is a company that is saturated with passion and strives to be ingrained with the local community. These guys really focus on having a wider positive impact on more than just the product they are creating, and this is something which we truly value here at BBSF. Plus, they make awesome beer. What more could you want?

Being the only B-Corp brewery in Australia, Stone and Wood go above and beyond to ensure everything they do in their business has positive repercussions. B-Corp is an “independent accreditation for profit businesses that meet rigorous standards set around governance, workers, community, environment, and business impact models. It certifies companies that are concerned for their communities and the environment.”  – S&W website.

These values take form in initiatives such as the Green Feet Program which aims to minimise their footprint on the Earth and explores innovative practices by reimagining the ecology of brewing, the Ingrained community campaign which supports local grassroots causes and charities, and the Brewlife program. 

We are stoked to be brewing something special with Stone and Wood exclusively for the 2017 Byron Bay Surf Festival! Drawing from what the Northern River has to offer, we have fused the taste of locally grown organic finger limes & sea salt to create a beautifully tasting beer with hints of the ocean. Available at the Byron Bay Surf Festival for a very limited time, this is something you’re going to want to come and taste!

Check out these photos below from our Brewstorm and tasting day.

Images by Taylor Van Essen

Images by Taylor Van Essen

Our headline event, the SATURDAY SLIDE, is being presented by the legends Stone & Wood at the Beach Hotel on Feb 25! To see international and locally acclaimed acts such as G. Love, Bobby Alu & Paula Fuga, alongside a celebration of Jack McCoy’s iconic surf films featuring the man himself, all scored live by a collective of surf cultures musical icons such as Dave Rasta, Andrew Kidman and Terepai Richmond, and backed by the Band of Frequencies! Make sure you buy your tickets ASAP to ensure you get a spot on the D floor!


You can find Stone and Wood at:

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