It’s officially only ONE WEEK until the festival and our excitement levels are soaring. To celebrate and say thanks for your support, we have got some some ultimate teasers and exclusive sneak peaks to show you guys. Enjoy!

Image by Taylor Van Essen

The first look at our collaboration with Stone & Wood x Dave Rastovich x BBSF is here!

Profiling passionate people who’ve gravitated to the Northern Rivers for a more conscious lifestyle, The Way It Should Be series tells the stories of locals and their connection to our community, the environment and their craft.

The latest video “Where We Live”, featuring coastal custodian Dave Rastovich, will premiere at the Sunset Cinema on Friday 24 February before coming out nationally on 26 February.

Watch the teaser below.

We have also been working with Stone & Wood on an exclusive brew for the Surf Festival! We are stoked to announce the name for this specialty brew is:


This beer was created out of pure love for the Byron Shire using pacific ocean sea salt and organic native finger limes hand picked from our beautiful hinterland.. Dave Rastovich, Glen Casey from Patagonia and BBSF Directors James & Max made this with Stone & Wood legend brewers Louis and Braydo. It will only be available on tap.. for one night only at the Beachy so get in quick to taste!

If you want to taste Tallows Gold for yourself make sure you come along to the Saturday Slide concert and party on Feb 25 at the Beach Hotel.


Images by Taylor Van Essen

Another event we are excited for is the combined screening of ‘Surfers Blood’ by Patrick Trefz and the 2017 Surf Shorties Film Fest!

Surfers Blood tells the universal story of true individuals that share deep bloodlines connected to the sea. Come and explore his love of surfing by watching him profile those who inspire him. From the old world fishing history of the rugged Basque Coast via oar and surfboard shaper Patxi Oliden, to the modern metropolis of San Francisco and the eccentric computer shapes of Apple fame designer Thomas Meyerhoffer. 

You can find Patrick here:

The Surf Shorties is a collection of curated short films will delight the eye and minds of surfers, adventurers, environmentalists, artists, thinkers and ocean lovers.


If that’s not enough to persuade you…the first 20 ticket holders through the door for this screening will receive a prize pack worth more than the ticket price with product from our wonderful sponsors. How good is that?!

Check out the an exclusive interview with festival founder, James McMillan about the Shorties below!

What is the Shorties Mini Film Fest?

JM: Shorties mini film fest is a collection of the best short films submissions for the BBSF 2017. Traditionally the BBSF has always had the ‘surf shorts’ film comp which has always been very popular and fun. This year we decided not to do the comp thing but did not want to lose this part of the festival as we really love short films and wanted to continue supporting independent film making by giving anyone the chance to submit, and potentially be selected for big screen showing and therefore an opportunity for exposure of their work.

What can we expect from this year’s films?

JM: A variety of eclectic, soulful and insightful shorts from Japan, Hawaii, Russia, Byron Bay and Brazil.

Describe the process of curating your favourites.

JM: We look for films with purpose, quirk and creative applications of filming. Not necessarily looking for a perfectly shot film but a story that has some depth and that gives the audience a little something to take home with them.

Why do you think independent film making is so important?

JM: Socially it is important that artists are supported. Any independent artistic endeavours are worthy of respect, and even further, if that creative offering is something that inspires, educates or potentially revolutionises thought, action or human endeavour, then it is worthy of spreading it wide. Film is one of the most powerful mediums of art, and even though most people would receive it as entertainment, the viewer inevitably still receives the message, if there is one, and hopefully there is.

And finally, why should everyone come and see these films?

JM: You should come and see these films because we have 2 world premieres and you will be inspired, to at least give up your job and go surfing!

Come down to the community centre on Feb 25, 6-7:45pm to see these amazing films… you won’t want to miss out.


For all your accomodation needs visit byronbayaccom.net