Softech Softtop Slider Sessions


If it’s not Softech then is it really a Softop?

With a team featuring names like Felipe Toledo, Sally Fitzgibbons, Mason Ho, Sierra Lerback and Byron Bay’s very own Kyuss King it’s easy to see the tidal wave of popularity for softops doesn’t stop at the local learn to surf school.

Softech have released a range of softops that set the benchmark in a range of categories.

The Kyuss King Fish featuring the FCS II fin system

Softech come on board as our naming rights partner of the popular softop division as part of the Freestyle & Stoke Sessions taking place at Wategos Beach on Sunday 11th Sep.

Competitors obviously take to the lineup riding softboards at a variety of lengths.

“Softops are getting more and more popular by the day. Obviously the technology has come a long way since Big W and K-Mart started selling them to out-of-town punters. With brands like Softech making these boards more performancy, it’s no wonder that even the pros want a handful in their quiver. I’m looking forward to seeing what our surfers come up with and calling this one on the day”. Said Event Commentator Thomas Alexander

Local Byron Bay shredder Kyuss King takes his signature fish for a wiggle at The Pass

Entries for the Freestyle & Stoke Sessions are open until the 7th September. Head to for more information on entries and the event program OR click on the button below to be taken straight to the Entries Portal. Remember to pick up your softop and give it a whirl.

In addition to Softech’s involvement with our Freestyle & Stoke Sessions. They have pledged a commitment to a better future transitioning their entire business to a more environmentally friendly one.

1% of ALL their sales across their group will be donated to preservation of our oceans and to support awareness. Surf Hardware contribute to a range of environmental organisations all doing their bit to maintain and preserve what is so dear us all.

More information on their pledge can be found by clicking the ‘Supporting our Ocean’ badge below.