Competitors Finalised for the Wategos Wizards presented by Luxico


Saturday 10th September from 6:30am

presented by

Big names include Noosa champions Matt Cuddihy & Mason Schremmer as well as Sierra Lerback who surprised the world when she was crowned the first ever Old Mal champion at Noosa earlier this year.

Event organisers were equally surprised but stoked to see Brazillian shredder Augusto Olinto on the Blokes Logger list. Olinto is a turbo-charged and extremely talented surfer that is an absolute joy to watch.

We will also be blessed the graces of Northern Beaches shredder and McTavish team legend, Mr Matt ‘Chonno’ Chojnacki who is always a pleasure to have on the shores of Wategos and in the Byron region in general.

The 2022 Wategos Wizards presented by Luxico kicks off on Saturday the 10th September around 6:30am and concludes around 1pm. Later that evening we invite you all to join us at the Rails pub in town for the Forever Frothing party presented by Gage Roads. Doors are open early with live music kicking up around 5pm and featuring a stellar lineup of emerging bands and headlined by our main act THE TERRY’S!

It’s FREE ENTRY but get there early so you don’t get turned away. It’s going to be packed!

Blokes Logger Competitors: (In no particular order)

  1. Matt Cuddihy

  2. Josh Williams

  3. Augusto Olinto

  4. Matt Chojnacki

  5. Zye Norris

  6. Dallas Rogers

  7. Jack Entwistle

  8. Tom Payne

  9. Jude Bell

  10. Jack Tyro

  11. Mark Sauvage

  12. Hyeonseong Cho

  13. Sam Lopert

  14. Hunter Johnston

  15. Jayben Poy

  16. Cooper Kelaher

  17. Fred Heckeroth

  18. Billy Bairn

  19. Juan Crevasse Yee

  20. Kai Ellice-Flint

  21. Frederick Stovin-Bradford

  22. Will DeKing

  23. Declan Wyton

  24. Damien Pepper

  25. Bryce Heap

  26. Daniel Stevenson

  27. Joe Hoffman

  28. Wally Allan

  29. Brock Favorito

  30. Reid Carson

Mermaids Logger Competitors: (in no particular order)

  1. Mia Waite

  2. Bea Conroy

  3. Jasmin Howarth

  4. Sierra Lerback

  5. Tully White

  6. Kirra Molnar

  7. Wano Liao

  8. Lily Nolan

  9. Mia Francis

  10. Chelsea Tingle

  11. Hannah Kohn

  12. Nyjah Duazo

  13. Jocelyn Yee

  14. Kathryn Hughes

  15. Kirra Searjent

  16. Mason Schremmer

  17. Emily Lethbridge

  18. Katy Nelson

  19. Lucy Small

**There are 5 vacant spots left for any mermaids wanting to enter. Please contact to register for one of these remaining spots.