McTavish Trim – A classic returns!

The McTavish Trim, a beloved event at the Byron Bay Surf Festival, makes its much-anticipated return in 2024. Last held in 2018, the McTavish Trim celebrates the art of classic longboarding and the timeless elegance of traditional surfing styles.

The 2018 McTavish Trim showcased an impressive lineup of surfers who epitomized grace and style. Notable participants included renowned longboarder Harrison Roach, known for his smooth, fluid rides, and local legend Belinda Baggs, whose graceful footwork captivated the audience. Their performances set a high standard and left a lasting impression on all who attended.

What to Expect in 2024

This year, we are excited to welcome back some of the stars from 2018, along with new talents ready to carve their names into the annals of longboarding history. Look forward to seeing Mctavish pinup team rider Matt “the waxhead” Chojnacki return to the waves, alongside other surf icons like Californian, Kassia Meador who rode the longest wave of the day back in 2018.

Of course the McTavish Trim wouldn’t be possible without all the hard work of surf icon and surfboard pioneer Bob McTavish who is looking forward to seeing 18 trimmers from all over the world return to Byron Bay.

How the McTavish Trim Works?

The McTavish Trim is a unique competition focused on style, precision, and the sheer joy of surfing. Participants ride classic single-fin longboards and are judged on their ability to execute smooth, flowing maneuvers. The emphasis is on maintaining trim—riding the surfboard in the optimal position for speed and stability without unnecessary movements. This event harks back to the golden era of surfing, where elegance and technique took precedence over acrobatics. Ultimately the winners who ride the wave the longest score maximum points. In 2018 the longest waves ridden were:

  • Kassia Meador (371m)
  • Jared Mell (362m)
  • Alex Knost (360m)
  • Ivy Thomas (353m)
  • Bryce Young (348m)

Join us in celebrating the return of the McTavish Trim at the 2024 Byron Bay Surf Festival, Sunday 18th August.