Surviving to Thriving starring Karin Ochsner

A film about a fearless explorer, local surfer Karin Ochsner immersing herself in the raw beauty of nature. Her remarkable healing journey unfolds in the face of adversity.

She confronts her deepest fears and past traumas head-on, including a heart-pounding encounter with a shark. But her story goes far beyond the realms of thrill-seeking; it is a testament to her unyielding spirit in dealing with a rare immune system illness and many other challenges.

The stunning footage reveals the healing power of nature and of a supportive community, enriched by interviews with local legends such as Delta Kay, Pauline Menczer, Kieren Perrow, and Joel Fitzgerald. Together with professional surfers Layne Beachley and local Joel Paxton, they paint a picture of her adventurous and rewarding healing journey.

Please note there is no need to have seen the first documentary, as the sequel focuses on different aspects of Karin’s story.

Event Details

6:00 pm – Venue doors and bar opens
6:40 pm – Theatre doors open
7:00 pm – Event commences (interval TBC)
10:00 pm – Event concludes

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